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Eros Retail is now Greens Retail

We at Greens Retail (formerly Eros Retail) are preparing for significant expansion as part of a string of new store launches having kicked off. As such we have launched a company rebrand to strengthen the link between our Greens branded stores and the wider brand identity.

Alongside this we have reviewed what matters to our colleagues, customers, communities, suppliers and the business most and are thrilled to announce our renewed 4 Core Values which we use to shape our future growth:


People - to keep our colleagues, customers, community and suppliers at the heart of all we do.

Place - to nurture a sense of pride within the communities we operate by delivering the best in-store experience and actively engaging our local values in and out of store.

Product - to consistently provide the right range, availability and value for our customers.

Planet - to place the utmost focus on sustainability and doing all that we possibly can to ensure we are safeguarding our planet for our families and future generations.

We thank you for your continued support and hope you will join us as we continue to Redefine Convenience Retailing.


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