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Greens of Dunnikier Supports Kirkcaldy High School's Prizegiving Event with Charitable Donation

Greens of Dunnikier, part of Scottish convenience store chain Greens Retail, has announced a charitable contribution of £250 to Kirkcaldy High School aimed at funding the school's upcoming Prizegiving event. The donation recognises the remarkable achievements of the local school's high-achieving pupils.

The Prizegiving event, an annual tradition at Kirkcaldy High School, celebrates the exceptional dedication and accomplishments of students who have exhibited outstanding academic performance, exemplary leadership skills, and commendable contributions to the school community.

Greens of Dunnikier, situated less than a mile from the school, is delighted to contribute to such a significant event in the Kirkcaldy community. By donating £250 to the Prizegiving event, Greens Retail aims to foster a culture of appreciation for academic excellence and encourage students to reach their full potential. The donation funded 11 awards received by 10 pupils, rewarding their efforts in various Higher and Advanced Higher subjects.

Greens of Dunnikier, situated less than a mile from the school.

"We are thrilled to support Kirkcaldy High School's Prizegiving event through this donation," said Harris Aslam, Managing Director of Greens Retail. "As a community-centric organisation, we firmly believe in empowering and acknowledging the remarkable efforts of local students who consistently go above and beyond. It is an honour to be able to contribute to their celebration and encourage their future endeavours."

Kirkcaldy High School's Depute Rector, Jennifer Davidson, expressed her gratitude for the generous donation, stating, "We are immensely thankful to Greens of Dunnikier for their support in making our Prizegiving event even more memorable. This contribution will allow us to further recognise and reward our high-achieving pupils, motivating them to continue excelling in their academic pursuits."

The prizewinners pose outside Kirkcaldy High School.

The donation from Greens Retail demonstrates the company's ongoing commitment to investing in the local community. By supporting educational institutions and events like Kirkcaldy High School's Prizegiving, Greens Retail strives to nurture the growth and development of young minds, ultimately shaping a brighter future.


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